The Quest for the Best Smoothie

I’m mid way through my quest for the best veggie burger and have come to the realization that there are too many to sample in one consecutive run. What’s more, the sudden onslaught of burger buns – and alcohol – hasn’t eased my extreme fear of wearing a bikini in public this summer.

At the beginning of last week I said that I wouldn’t drink until Friday. I lasted through Monday, limited myself to two sips of wine on Tuesday, my friend flew in from London on Wednesday and I woke up with a hangover every morning thereafter. So, now it’s detox time and the perfect opportunity to divert my obsession of burgers to finding the best healthy smoothie instead.

I used to live off smoothies so I’m already a self-proclaimed expert. I’m going to post my favorite finds one by one, in no particular order.

No 1: One of my old favorite homemade concoctions is the Acai Banilla Smoothie:

Rio Bowl

Rio Bowl

I discovered the “Rio Bowl” while traveling around South America. Rio’s beach fronts are adorned with frozen acai berry stands, which can also be found scattered across street corners all over Brazil.

The juice is extracted from the small acai fruit by soaking the seeds in water to soften the thin outer shell and then squeezing and straining them to produce a very tasty, dense purple liquid, which is typically blended with sugar, tapioca and ice. The refreshing icy pulp is either served as a smoothie or in a bowl mixed with granola, honey and banana. Since the recent Brazilian/acai awareness explosion, I have noticed similar concoctions popping up at juice bars all over L.A. (VP Discount on Beverly Blvd., Earth Bar, Real Raw Live and One Life Natural Foods, to name a few.) And you can even buy bad ready-made imitations at supermakets. Acai is full of antioxidents and is also a natural stimulant – a perfect pick me up to replace coffee.

2 sambazon açai berry smoothie packs or a few scoops of açai berry sorbet
1 almost overripe banana (for extra sweetness)
A splash of apple juice
A splash of vanilla soy milk (for extra creaminess). Vanilla SOY DREAM is my favorite brand
A big scoop of ice
Any seasonal berries (optional)

Blend all the ingredients together with ice in an electric blender. The more ice you use, the denser the smoothie will be. I prefer lots so that it’s almost the same texture as ice cream and the vanilla soy milk provides the perfect sweet, vanilla-y creaminess. Serve as a smoothie or in a bowl topped with granola, extra vanilla soy milk and any fruit of your choice.

Watch this space: More Best Smoothies Coming Up….


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