The Best Chocolate Bar

Salty, sweet, milky, chocolaty, crunchy…. Perfection.

Charlie's Salty-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Charlie's Salty-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Though it was sitting in my kitchen beckoning me daily, somehow I managed to restrain myself from eating Charlie’s salty-sweet cashew bar for about a week until the opportunity to share it with some friends came up. Finally the day arrived and I made the predictable mistake of opening it up just before people got to my house. My eyes glazed over as if I had been possessed and before I knew what was happening I had devoured nearly the whole bar. Luckily there were still about 4 pieces left as my guests showed up and I was forced to hand it over.

Despite eating nearly the entire bar I didn’t feel sick or even guilty afterwards. It’s 100% deliciousness. Mmmmmmm. Must take a trip to San Francisco to get some more. Or you can take the easy route and order online:

Charlie's Salty-Sweet Chocolate Bar

Charlie’s triple chocolate covered almonds and hazelnuts, chocolate caramel almond sticks, and chocolate cones with Pâte de Fruit are more of God’s gifts to chocolate lovers.


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