The Best Fish Tacos on the Planet

Hummingbirds in Paradise

The Parker in Palm Springs may be my favorite hotel. It’s not the most lavish or fancy resort but every time I wake up and step outside my room, I feel like I’m walking through paradise. The design and use of 60s-era decor is exactly how I would design my own house – a bit of class, a touch of kitsch, and a splash of glitter. The 60s chique design is intermingled with the lush vegetation, playful hummingbirds, and exotic palm trees you would find in my Garden of Eden. Apparently, the hotel’s New York designer, Jonathan Adler, envisioned the Parker as “your great aunt’s estate. She’s an Auntie Mame type who traveled the world and had innate panache.” Apparently Mr. Adler’s great aunt and I need to spend some quality time together.


What I look forward to most, however, is Norma’s, The Parker’s all-day breakfast/brunch/lunch spot. In New York, Norma’s sister restaurant was voted Zagat’s best breakfast spot in the city and, although I have never ordered anything except the Pancho’s Crispy Fish Tacos, I can understand why.

Panchos Crispy Fish Tacos

Those tacos are the most incredible tacos I’ve ever tasted! They lightly batter Barramundi fish (otherwise known as Australian sea bass) and serve it on a bed of shredded cabbage and onions with a creamy, slightly spicy sauce, guacamole and salsa. And before I could ask for Tapatío for some extra spice, I was beaten to the punch by the type of thoughtful staff one would expect in paradise. The fish lightly melts in your mouth while the batter is perfectly crisp without ever being overly greasy. The tacos are not cheap by food truck standards, but the portion is huge so you can share it and you get a taster of their delicious daily smoothy on the house to wash it down.

Love Birds

There are other temptations on the menu that a non-die-hard fan of the tacos can order such as:

·        6 different versions of eggs Benedict served on buttermilk pancakes.

·         A $1000 lobster frittata with Sevruga Caviar (which the Parker dares you to order and people have been stupid enough to)

·         The rock lobster and mango salad is tasty and refreshing

·         French Toast Momma Can’t Make (which our breakfast server said was her favorite)

They all sound delicious, but I wouldn’t know as that would mean sacrificing another opportunity to eat fish tacos in paradise.

Click here for the full menu

Norma's Menu


3 Responses

  1. Henrietta that sound wonderfull, like to go there…..

  2. i agree. the fish tacos are so fresh. i get that or the rock lobster and mango salad.

    • Funny, I just got the rock lobster and mango salad. So good but doesn’t even touch the tacos!!!! x

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