Best Seafood Tower – Mastro’s Steakhouse

Surprisingly, one of the allegedly best steak houses in L.A., Mastro’s best dish is its seafood platter. Dauntingly, you have to compile it yourself from a selection of lobster, snow crab legs, crab claws and about three other kind of crab that I don’t know about, caviar, shrimp, oysters, etc. etc. When I asked for shrimp and the rather aggressive, NewYorky waitress asked me how many I wanted I felt like they were just being lazy. Why couldn’t they just give me a selection of the best and be done with it? But when the tower arrived served on a bed of steaming ice, it looked much more impressive than the cow that had been dispersed around other people’s plates and I felt like I was the center of food envy. For once! Their other specialty is the lobster mashed potato. Like everything else there, it’s a huge portion – of creamy, delicious potato and lashings of lobster.

Oh, and the cocktails there are great. They serve most of them in a caraf so once you’ve finished your martini or margarita you still have another glass to go!


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