Red Velvet Cupcake Challenge

The Contestants

For my birthday, I had a red velvet cupcake challenge. Each person had to bring in a cupcake and then we took it in turns to be blind folded and spoon fed the best L.A.’s got to give.

Bristol Farms


Jones (cupcakes)

The Runner Up: Toast (cake)

And the prize goes to... Doughboys

Bristol Farms: Was dry and pretty revolting all round.

Sprinkles: You could feel the sugar granules not dissolving on your tongue.

Jones cupcakes were delicious. The frosting may have been a bit too eggy.

Toast cake: The sponge wasn’t dry and there’s a layer of creamy icing in the middle.

Doughboys: You couldn’t taste the sugar granules in the frosting. In fact, it was perfect, fluffy, not too sweet or eggy or thick. Just right. The sponge was really moist. Doughboys won hands down.

Cupcakes (CW from bottom left): Toast cake, Jones, Bristol Farms, Sprinkles, Toast cupcakes, Doughboys


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