My Favorite Restaurant in L.A… Providence

Last time I went to Providence I ordered all wrong and, as per usual, was enraged with serious food envy. But… Not this time!

We declined the 15-course chef’s menu in favor of the Providence Market Specials’ Tasting Menu, except I swapped out the fois gras for another round of….. TRUFFLES!!!!!


First we had my favorite thing about the restaurant: their booze cubes! A Screwdriver Raviolo, served on an El Bulli spoon which utilizes the Adria technique of adding calcium aginate to a liquid – the effect is a thin film encasing the vodka and orange liquid so that it explodes in your mouth as you eat it. This was served alongside a Mojito-infused jelly cube. The perfect palate cleanser to start as you mean to go on!

And here’s what followed….

The vegetarian option for our first dish was an Oyster Leaf, which was apparently discovered in the Hebrides, Northern Scotland, and tastes just like an oyster.


Black winter truffle with soft scrambled eggs and grilled brioche.


Santa Barbara spot prawn with butter sauce (made out of prawn heads) served on a bed of twice cooked parsnips and parsnip purée.


Black winter truffle pasta alla chitarra.


Wild hock and line caught New Zealand John Dory wrapped in feuille de brique, lardo di bellota and black truffle, savoy cabbage, sunchoke purée.


63-degree cooked egg (veg option). It’s the optimal temp to cook an egg, don’t you know.


Australian wagyu style beef, winter vegetables, soba, black truffle emulsion. By this point, all I could do was look at it!


Almond sorbet with cream and meringue on an almond biscuit… Just when I thought I couldn’t fit in one more mouthful….




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