San Francisco Adventures

Day 1: The Ferry Building for oysters. Day 2: Straight back to the Ferry Building. I thought I’d impress my dad with breakfast at Boulette’s Larder but of course there’s no seating…only on Saturdays. Instead of tables, parked outside they did have a stand with thick, goopy hot chocolate and whipped cream, just like Angelina’s Hot Chocolate L’Africaine in Paris. I had this bright idea to buy one and pour it into a Blue Bottle coffee down the hall, but by the time I got to the other end of the Ferry Building to buy the coffee I’d finished the hot chocolate and ended up having to order a regular mocca instead. My father has slightly more will power than me and so he managed to fulfill my quest for the best mocca and ordered a macchiato which he poured into the remaining hot chocolate. Needless to say, it really was the best mocca ever concocted.

Ferry Building:


Blue Bottle Coffee:


Boulette’s Hot Chocolate with Blue Bottle Macchiato = the best Mocca imaginable:


Instead of Boulette’s we ordered a Blue Bottle waffle. A woman in the line said they were so good we had to order two but it was so underwhelming we ended up throwing both of them away. I mean, a waffle with no whipped cream or toppings? = wrong!


My father and I walked for about an hour from the Ferry Building to Nob Hill for the “best oysters in San Francisco.” Apparently all of Anthony Bourdain’s disciples had the same idea and it took us over TWO HOURS to get a seat.


We met Mark Huebner in the line who kept us entertained. He told us exactly what we should order: Kumamoto oysters, the giant cherry stone clams and uni. He disappeared for a minute while we were queuing and miraculously returned with an Anchorsteam Pale Ale for me. As he was alone, he got to skip the line and generously kept bringing us out oysters as he felt so sorry for every excruciating minute longer we had to wait.


My father got his food first and to my horror they served him 4 Cherry Stone Clams without telling us they were the last! Luckily, he let me try one before we’d realized or I would have had even more of a sense of humor failure. They had also run out of uni and it didn’t seem to matter what I ordered the server kept giving me what he thought I should have. I called him out on it though, and in the end I think I got both what he wanted me to have and what I asked for! We also ordered a crab salad, which was delicious, he let us taste the smoked salmon which perfectly melted in our mouths, I ordered all the different kinds of oysters while my father stuck to just the Kumamoto ones, we got 3 of the smaller clams each and I had my one giant cherry stone clam, which was a real treat as I’ve never even seen anything like it.

My ONE cherry stone clam:


Oyster platter:


I LOVED it but Saturday lunch time is probably not the wisest time to go.


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  1. total adventure! this looks incredible.
    happy i found your blog. one of my favorites now.
    xx alexys (fashionbater)

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