A friend of a friend kindly made a list of must-go-to restaurants in Melbourne for me and so far nothing has let her down.

We went to Cumulus Inc. ( for lunch, where they encourage sharing food (my favorite!). The grilled Octopus appetizer was the best I’ve ever had. It was soft, not even slightly chewy, and mixed in with paprika, olives, basil and a few little dots of mayonnaise. We liked it so much my boyfriend had to order another portion with his main course!

Cumulus Inc Grilled Octopus

The biggest hit there was the multigrain bread, which I later read is, according to some, considered to be the best bread in the world. Again, Marius ordered another round! They don’t sell it at the restaurant but they did tell us where to get it from… and I have a little surprise awaiting Marius when he gets back from his King Kong rehearsals…

photo 2

The coffee almost everywhere in Melbourne is top notch so it’s no surprise that The World Barista Championships & World Brewers Cup happens to be hosted in Melbourne this week. Baker D. Chirico, in Carlton, has teamed up with a cute little roasting house next door called Market Lane, where I got a yummee flat white, and a Specialty Coffee Map of Melbourne so I can explore the rest!


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